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Ambrose Mining Pty Ltd is pleased to announce an exciting new development in Australia for the production of lightweight expanded clay aggregates - leca. Production will be onsite of a very large deposit of expandable mudstone clay situated just outside of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

The production of leca will be for the hydroponic bead and other industries especially for the concrete and building sections and other special applications.

Our leca is heat expanded clay beads of a ceramic foam like structure with outstanding values of lightness to strength, thermal resistance (1200c), sound proofing, insulation, very high resistance to alkali and acid attack, non poisonous vapour when heated, minimal dust produced, non poisonous to the environment, reusable, saving in high rise costs of up to 30%.

The overall savings in transport, heating, air conditioning, construction and drainage etc., grants many positive benefits to the natural ecology.