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About Us

In 1974 while mapping Acid Volcanics, Bill Moriarty discovered this low out cropping of white rock. Further investigations led to ongoing developments of this material.

While making lightweight building blocks from this white rock, the self-beading potential of this material became evident. The white kaolinite has good potential for the production of fire-bricks, house bricks, paint and ceramics. Following research into the thermal properties of material from deeper drill holes, it was proved that the grey clay had extraordinary bloating abilities.

Nick Koushappis is Kalgoorlie born and educated, working all his life in mining and construction industries throughout Western Australia. Nick has operated his own gemstone mining and export business. Nick's many skills and experiences are advantageous to Ambrose Mining.

Bill was born in Bunbury to a farming family from Capel. At 18yo he started work in the Goldfields mines as a underground worker, in time becoming a top machine miner. Bill established a gemstone cutting and retail business in Kalgoorlie, becoming a Gemmologist and Mineralogist proficient in geology.

Nick and Bill collectively bring over 80 years of experience in mining and construction.

Nick and Bill came to an agreement to bring this very large deposit into production for Hydroponic beads and lightweight aggregate for the construction industries.

Managing Director
Nick Koushappis

Technical Advisor
W.R.(Bill) Moriarty